Dean's Statement

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the faculty of medicine at Northern Border University. Since its establishment in 2007, the Faculty of Medicine, Northern Border University in Arar, has been keen to achieve its vision and mission by preparing highly qualified physicians with the broadest range of cognitive, clinical and research competencies to provide health services that enhance community health locally and regionally. Believing in the importance of development, we are working to provide the highest level of medical education. Therefore the Faculty of Medicine has developed a strategic plan which meets the requirements of academic accreditation and the needs of the modern era. Furthermore, the university strives to focus on education under the leadership of His Excellency the President of the university, Which allows graduates to continue training and continuing education to meet the needs of society, serve patients, enhance the provision of medical services to the community, research and train new researchers. Finally, we are delighted to have you on the faculty to learn more about the Faculty of Medicine and the opportunities we offer for education, training, research and community service.

Prof. Awdah Masoud Alhazmi
Dean of Faculty of Medicine

Vision and Mission


Leadership and excellence locally and regionally in medical education, scientific research and enhancing community health.


Preparing distinguished graduates, conducting innovative medical research, and providing health services to the community.



  • Preparing competent graduates with professional knowledge and skills
  • Developing the capabilities of faculty members and administrators
  • Promoting innovative research activities
  • Developing community health care services

Facts and Figures


Number of Faculty Members


Number of Students


Number of Graduates